Evacuation flight Indonesian citizen wamos plm 9441 from madrid to CGK and DPS

In addition to the Ethiopian Air aircraft carrying Indonesians from abroad on April 6, 2020, the Gapura DPS also handled the return of the WAMOS charter aircraft carrying 282 Indonesian citizens from Madrid.

Denpasar Bali became the destination airport for Indonesian citizens who were repatriated by the Government of Indonesia from various countries. Early this April, the Gapura DPS helped the Indonesian Government in the process of returning Indonesian citizens working abroad, consecutively serving completely foreign airlines, Wamos and Air Europa.

Wamos and Air Europa are airlines originating from Spain specifically chartered by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to bring Indonesian citizens back to their homeland. The government of several European countries also chartered the aircraft to bring back the foreigners of several European countries that were still in Indonesia.

It was during the COVID-19 pandemic period that cooperation and synergy from all parties both the Government and entities in the aviation world needed one another and helped one another to overcome this crisis.