Cargo Services & Logistics

Cargo Services

Our cargo services are specifically designed to guarantee the safety and security of your cargo. Supported by the latest technology, Gapura provides world-class services to meet all of your needs, 24 hours a day; 7 days a week. 

We safely handle goods, mail and documents; starting from the receipt and acceptance to the delivery for incoming and outgoing cargo. All of our services are administered in full accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations. Gapura has received RA-3 certification or “EU Aviation Security Validated Regulated Agents”, a renowned supply-chain security initiative that is awarded by the European Union. 

Gapura owns a strategically-located warehousing zone within the cargo area of the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. In this 8,936 m2 area, we integrate a bonded warehouse zone and a dangerous goods acceptance area with specially designed storage facilities. Our warehouses are equipped with X-ray scanning systems, digital scales, an integrated information technology system and web-based security cameras (CCTV) to provide maximum security and the direct monitoring of all cargo handling activities. 

Gapura understands that cargo handling must be carried out in an efficient and precise manner. We have installed a digitalized cargo management system that has been designed to handle documents, goods for import and export, as well as direct cargo transfers. Our experienced and well-trained staff are always ready to assist and provide the best possible service to satisfy the rigorous demands of airlines, consignees and shippers.


Gapura Pragata Logistics

The initial idea of this name is actually derived from the fact that the parent brand for this is Gapura, which starts with a G. 

The name GPL is derived from Gapura Pragata Logistics. GPL is also an acronym for the slang ‘Gak Pake Lama’ which Indonesian often use. The word Pragata itself means fast in the sanskrit language. 

GPL provides a wide range of services such as :

 1. Airwaybill / SMU sales
 2. Trucking
 3. Handling Dangerous Goods and Special Shipments
 4. Packing
 5. Door To Door
 6. Port To Door
 7. Mover / Moving Services 

To support excellent service, Gapura Pragata Logistics provides its staff with various types of training such as Basic Cargo, nationally licensed Dangerous Goods Regulations and several other training to support staff performance. 

Gapura Pragata Logistics Accessibility in the Airport environment is one of its advantages because of the integrated security system since cargo is received in the warehouse to the side of the plane that always under the supervision of our security officers.