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Company management based on the principles of Good Corporate Governance is essentially an attempt to make the Good Corporate Governance as the rules and guidelines for the management of the Company in conducting business activities. Application of the principle of good corporate governance is necessary for the Company to survive and resilient in the face of fierce competition and the implications of Good Corporate Governance which has been running as a means to achieve the vision and mission better.

The Company has made the implementation of Good Corporate Governance systematic and consistent manner. Implementation of Good Corporate Governance utilized by the Company to accelerate the development of the business and realizing the value of the shareholders in the long term without ignoring the interests of other stakeholders.

Each year the company has been and will continue to conduct an evaluation on the implementation of Good Corporate Governance as a commitment of the Company on the importance of the implementation of Good Corporate Governance.


In order to build a harmonious cooperation and increasing the value of corporate culture that can not be separated from operations which continue to relate to and interact with stakeholders and other parties, so that either directly or indirectly in carrying the relationship and interaction will be very vulnerable to collision the interest and the potential for conflict of interest that may be unavoidable between the company and other parties.

Hence, the company has developed a Conflict of Interest Guidelines are aligned well with other Company guidelines Since the Company realizes the importance of having a strong attitude towards the handling of the Conflict of Interest that occurred in the Company, so as to create a good management of the Company and a harmonious relationship with all stakeholders.



Board Manual is one of the Company’s commitment in implementing the principles of Good Corporate Governance. In this guideline regulates the outline of matters relating to the functioning of the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners and the process and the relationship between the two organs function.

Board Manual is a dynamic and constantly evolving. Perfecting highly dependent on demand in the management of the Company and in line with the objectives and principles of good governance as well as the laws and regulations in force.

With the reference to the action of Directors and Board of Commissioners to make function the Board of Commissioners and Directors in conducting and supervising the Company more clearly and systematics so that the current working relationship can be more effective and productive as well as the achievement of the performance can be realized.

Board Manual


Code of Conduct adopted by the company set up a policy of ethical values ​​expressed explicitly as a standard of behavior that must be obeyed by all human Company, Code of Conduct contains a set of commitments consisting of ethics of the Company and the work ethic every Insan Businesses are voluntary and arranged to influence, establish, organize and carry out the conformity of behavior, so that the achievement of results that are consistent and in harmony with the culture of the Company in achieving its Vision and Mission.

As a commitment to the application of this code of conduct, All employee has signed a statement to understand and implement these guidelines on a regular basis every year. This Code of Conduct applies to all elements acting for and on behalf of the Company.

Code of Conduct


Company prepares Code of Corporate Governance and were applied consistently to improve performance and adherence to the implementation of the principles of Good Corporate Governance and all the values ​​held by the parties concerned of the Company (stakeholders) have been used optimal and produce a pattern of mutually beneficial economic relations. Code of Good Corporate Governance is the result of the value of the rules of good corporate governance, laws prevailing cultural values ​​espoused, vision and mission as well as best practices in good corporate governance.

Changes in the business environment that is dynamic and evolving, the Code of Good Corporate compiled by the Company are also always adapted to the internal and external conditions. Continuous assessment is always done as an effort to achieve the best standards of work for the Company.

Code of Corporate Governance



In order to realize the Company’s business management trustful, transparent and accountable, the Company has realized the importance of implementing a strong attitude towards handling gratification involving the Company’s personnel, although in the Company’s operations, Gratification is a difficult thing to be avoided. It has been cultivated in the Company as a learning process for each of the Company’s personnel who have dignity, dignity and image of high business relations with Stakeholders.

To deal with this, the company poured its commitment in an arrangement in the form of guidelines Gratification, which includes actions, forms and handling Gratuities are aligned with the Code of Corporate Governance and Code of Conduct and values ​​prevailing in the Company by not override the provisions of the legislation applicable.

Gratification Rule



A commitment of the Company to provide a system for the enforcement of the principles of Good Corporate Governance, thus creating a work situation that is clean and responsible, the Company has developed and implements Violations Reporting System in order to give a chance to all personnel of the Company and other external parties to be able to deliver reports of alleged violations of the principles of good Corporate Governance, as well as ethical values ​​that apply to the Company, based on the evidence that can be accounted for and in good faith for the benefit of the Company.

Whistleblowing System