Inaugural Flight: Batik Air Route Makassar (UPG)-Biak (BIK)-Jayapura (DJJ)

Biak, Indonesia - PT Gapura Angkasa  branch office Biak is trusted as the Ground handling of Batik Air, officially began to open direct domestic flights on the Makassar-Biak-Jayapura route and vice versa.

This inaugural flight was marked by the landing of Batik Air flight number ID-6146 from Makassar at Franskaisiepo International Airport at 10.55 local time. The Airbus A320 series aircraft with a capacity of 12 business class and 144 economy class seats carried as many as 76 passengers.

Batik Air is scheduled to operate daily, with a scheduled arrival of UPG-BIK at 10.20 Local Time and departure of BIK-UPG at 15.20 Local Time.

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