PT Gapura Angkasa achieved ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations) certification after going through a series of 3 (three) audit agendas starting from the Head Office (online method) on May 13rd-17th, 2024, then continuing at the CGK Terminal and Soekarno-Hatta Warehouse HUB Branch (onsite method) on May 27th-31st, 2024, and at the HUB DPS Branch (onsite method) on June 3rd-7th, 2024.

ISAGO is an audit program for ground handling companies that serve airlines at airports. This audit has standards that are relevant for all ground handling companies in the world,which measures the performance of GSP (Ground Service Providers), provide independent assessment/assessment of all aspects of management and delivery of safe ground handling services so that they have international quality.

The implementation of this series of audits was carried out by the assigned IATA Charter of Professional Auditor (CoPA), namely Mr. Gabriele Brocchi (ITA) as Lead Auditor, and Mr. Harender Singh Negi (IND) as Auditor.

The scope of the audit includes 6 sections, namely:

1. Organization and Management (ORM)

2. Load Control (LOD)

3. Passengers and Baggage Handling (PAB)

4. Aircraft Handling and Loading (HDL)

5. Aircraft Ground Movement (AGM)

6. Cargo & Mail Handling (CGM)

When the Head Office audit was carried out remotely, the audit opening meeting was opened by the executing tasks of Main Director, Mr. Reza Aulia Hakim. The audit lasted for five days with the Auditee Team involving units from the Head Office including the Safety, Security & Quality Assurance Unit (ZQ), Operations Unit (OP), GSE Maintenance & Technical Support Unit (OT), Human Capital Unit (IH), and Learning Center Unit (ILC).

Then, when carrying out the onsite audit of the CGK HUB Branch and CGO Branch, the audit opening meeting was attended by the executing tasks of Director of HR & Corporate Strategy Mr. AA Made Hardika, together with VP of Safety, Security & Quality Mr. Laode M. Syamrin, SM of Quality & Standardization Mr. Adnan M. Lapuppung, along with the appointed Leadership/Management and Branch Auditee Team.

The audit at the CGK HUB Branch and CGO Branch is carried out by verifying the implementation of standards that have been set at the Head Office level (Manual Documentation and Procedures), by observing the implementation of ground handling services and warehousing/cargo handling services in the CGK Branch Area.

The same method was also used when carrying out audits at the DPS HUB Branch, namely by observing the services provided to several domestic and international customer airlines. During the audit, the Auditor Team was accompanied by the Leadership/Management and Auditee Team of the DPS HUB Branch.

During the audit closing meeting of the DPS HUB Branch, the executing tasks of Main Director Mr. Reza Aulia Hakim, who was present in person, in his speech said that the ISAGO Audit provides benefits to airline companies, ground handlers, governments and airport authorities by providing a better level of operational safety, reducing costs for undesirable impacts, and providing better understanding. better understanding of the risk of danger in a work operation from ground handling services.

On the same occasion in his speech the VP of Safety, Security & Quality Assurance, Mr. Laode M. Syamrin also said that the main objective of the ISAGO Program is to improve the safety of land operations through monitoring the implementation of management systems in companies, as well as to ensure that there are international standard operating procedures (SOP).

In closing, the Auditor Team expressed its appreciation to all the Teams involved during the audit, where the Auditor Team saw excellent teamwork and also the friendliness of all Team members involved so that the Auditor felt like he was at home.

The auditor also said that Gapura has many opportunities to continue to make continuous improvements to existing Ground Handling services so that they can contribute to aviation safety on a national and global scale.

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