Commemoration of the 17th August 2023 Indonesian Independence Day at PT Gapura Angkasa

The theme for this year's 78th Indonesian Independence Day is “Keep Moving Forward For Indonesia to Move On”. The theme invites all elements of the nation to move forward together and inflame the spirit of the unending struggle of the heroes. Therefore to brighten it up PT Gapura Angkasa performs various series of events commemorating the Indonesian Independence Day which took place at the Head Office, Gapura Angkasa Kemayoran.

The event was held for four days, this year's series of events started on Thursday August 10th, 2023 with a Fun Walk, Gymnastics Competition, Hygiene Competition, which was carried out between Directorates. Then the second event on Monday August 14th, 2023 was a Table Tennis competition, the third event on Wednesday August 16th 2023 is a Quiz Competition the top event which was held on Thursday August 17th, 2023 was the Flag Ceremony followed by a Regional Fashion Show Contest, Various Competitions between Directorates and Children's Activity Sessions. The Independence Day took place with great joy.

Quoting the message from the Main Director of PT Gapura Angkasa, Mr. M Suriawan Wakan, said that "Let us close our ranks, unite our minds, and make up our minds. In order to meet the challenges and opportunities in the coming days. In order to realize Gapura Angkasa as a ground handling manager that focuses on Transportation, Travel and Tourism. With full enthusiasm for optimism, we can make it happen through 3S Speed, Smart and Solid. Because the result of the struggle is success and proof of self-toughness. Through unshakable fighting spirit all obstacles can be overcome. May the Gapura lead to Getting Bigger, Getting Broader, Getting Better. To make every dream come true. We can together build a company that we love by working.

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