Grand Final IDEA Gapura Innovation Summit PT Gapura Angkasa

This year, on January 31st, 2024, Gapura Angkasa held the Grand Final of the Gapura Innovation Summit located at the Holiday Inn Hotel Kemayoran, Jakarta. This event is held in a hybrid via offline and online with Gapura Angkasa Official YouTube Live Streaming. This event was attended by the Board of Directors and all employees of PT Gapura Angkasa. The series of events began with remarks from representatives of the Directors of PT Gapura Angkasa as well as remarks from guest judge Mrs. Patricia Eugene from Telkom Indonesia Team. The event then continued with presentations from each finalist, both individual and group. The event closed with a group photo and friendly reception.

The Gapura Innovation Summit series of events will start in November, 2023 with a total of 138 ideas submitted. With a very strict selection process and continued with providing briefings for the participants, we finally arrived at the Grand Final stage of the Gapura Innovation Summit 2024 with a total of 20 participants with 5 participants in the Individual category and 5 teams in the group category.

The theme of the 2024 IDEA Gapura Innovation Summit is Let's Innovate to Elevate, which is a forum to appreciate the enthusiasm and abilities of warriors in realizing ideas and innovations that are in line with the company's strategy.

At the peak of Gapura Angkasa's birthday event on February 1st, 2024, the Grand Finalists of the Gapura Innovation Summit 2024, the Individual Category, 1st Place, Mr. Haris Aji Kurniawan (ILC – KPS Team) entitled Dangerous Goods Easy Access2nd Place, Mr. Wirawan Hadikusumo (CC – KPS Team) entitled Development of a Mobile Application-Based Warehouse Management System for Optimal Mobility and Accessibility

Group Category: 1st Place, Mr. I Ketut Antara, Mr. Jumhaera, Mrs. Dewi Kumalasari (UPG Team) with the title Digitalization of On Board Baggage Checklists on Airplanes and Baggage Reconciliation2nd Place, Mr. Rahmat Hidayat, Mr. Dede Ristiyanto, Mrs. Violin Vinie (CGO Team) who entitled Self Service Import Warehouse.

Favorite Champion Based on the jury's choice, namely Mr. Ari Bastian (BTJ Team) with the title Business E-Ticketing Online1st Favorite Winner based on Instagram likes of Mr. Adi Surya Alviansyah (CGO Team) regarding Smart Warehousing2nd Favorite Winner based on Instagram likes is Mr. Hari Sasongko (ILC – KPS Team) with the title Providing Convenience, Opening the Door to Kindness, and Bringing Benefits to the Learning Process

Favorite Champion based on the jury's choice, Mr Devid Rudi Nugroho, Mr. Hendri Yulianto, Mrs. Ratu Desniar Ayu (CGO Team) entitled Web-Based Customer Relationship Management. The 1st Favorite Winner based on Instagram likes is Mrs. Siti Qiblayati Ismail, Mr. Trias Yulianto, Mrs. Dini Indriany Apsari (FC – KPS Team) regarding The Oversized Baggage Delivery Assistant from Gapura (The OPERA), the 2nd Favorite Champion based on Instagram likes is Mr. I.K Dharma Metta Natih, Mr. Ferlyandi Hidayat, Mrs. Anggi Fitri Yulianti (ZQ – KPS Team) regarding Gapura Handling One Stop Travel Services (GHOSTS).

In her speech, Mrs. Rini Indrawati, Director of Human Resources & Corporate Strategy, stated that in order to foster a spirit of innovation at Gapura, through the Gapura Innovation Summit, management wants to appreciate Gapura Warriors who have the enthusiasm and ability to create innovation in their work environment through innovative ideas. in line with company strategy. With innovation continuing to grow, it is hoped that Gapura will be able to increase its advantages to continue to compete. I am sure that the participants who are already in this final stage are all winners and are the best. Hopefully the contribution you make can have a positive impact on the sustainability of the Company.

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